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11-Apr-2009. Password protection for the blog and image gallery.

If you need a username and password, contact either Arlis or Alan. Contact info is above. Note that it's encoded in a way that you can't just copy and paste. Just type it in to your email to make sure we get it.

23-Nov-2008. Finally have some things working:

Gallery 2: It's been a while since we've posted images in the gallery, but now that it's up, we'll start filling it again.

Our Wordpress Blog

The Keegan Garner Page. Keegan was working on this web page, but I think he lost interest. That's fine, because we were using a tables layout anyway, before I knew any better.

Photos (click the image to go there):

Also, some papers that are important for my research. It is convenient to have some of them available online.